Cement and Brick Work

Laying bricks is a straightforward process for any DIY enthusiast. Bricks can add maturity and a warm effect to many gardens. Learn about brick laying here.

The brick walls of a house have two primary physical functions. One is to hold up a roof, and the other is to form a framework around a set number of rooms (a) for privacy and (b) to stop the wind from getting in. They are also useful for hanging pictures; and of course a doorway would not be a lot of use without a wall.

A garden wall on the other hand does not need to have a physical function. It can simply look nice – just by being there.

It can also have functions as well; such as holding a greenhouse up, retaining a soil bank, forming an edge or division, housing a BBQ, raising a planting bed, enclosing the wheely-bin or compost heap (sometimes one and the same!), helping to provide a level site for the patio, screening off neighbours, creating rooms, or simply acting as a boundary. They are also quite useful for hanging gates on, and building arches in!